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Playground Safety Surface Installer of EPDM, Play Flecks, & EnviroFluff
Playground Safety Surface Installer of EPDM, Play Flecks, & EnviroFluff

playground safety surfacing installation

Committed to playground safety, AquaSeal is a worldwide installer of playground surfacing, playground mounds, playground flooring, and more.

Whether you are designing or reclaiming a community playground, city park, or school yard, we have what engineers, landscape architects, and builders look for when creating safe, clean, and modern play spaces for children of all ages. We have critical fall height rated safety surfacing to minimize the risk of injuries; eco-friendly surfacing made from recycled materials that is durable yet easy to repair; poured-in-place surfacing to provide a smooth and stable surface that drains properly and meets ADA requirements; solid surfacing that won’t harbor animal feces, hide broken glass, or be overrun with grass and weeds – all of which can happen over time with sand, gravel, and wood mulch; a wide array of color selections and the ability to incorporate vibrant borders, logos, mascots, school crests, or other unique images; landing pads and feature pads to add a cushion of protection and eliminate divots at the base of slides, under swings, and around various playground features; and 3D playground elements. We can also remove, reseal, and repair existing playground surfaces to refresh your outdoor space.

We are professional, certified installers using superior safety-surfacing products such as EPDM Playground Surfacing, Play Flecks, and EnviroFluff to create commercial playground spaces for your new construction or existing construction projects.

EPDM safety surfacing for playgrounds play spaces. Our team of designers and installers travel nationally and internationally to install safety surfacing where you live, where you rest, and where you play. Disney, Holiday Inn, Cedar Fair, and Great Wolf Lodge are a few of the companies that have chosen us for their safety surface needs.

epdm safety surfacing

With the brilliant colors and design possibilities of EPDM Safety Play Surface, we can bring any indoor or outdoor playground to life with style, design, and color.

EPDM Playground Surfacing is our most cost-effective, all-weather safety surface for nearly anywhere aesthetics, comfort, and slip resistance are desired. Made of rubber granules, water drains rapidly through its coarse base layer to prevent freezing in the winter, making it a great choice for playgrounds, outdoor athletic tracks, walking paths, and patios.

EPDM can be installed in any form and contoured to create 3D shapes for visual interest. To add even more dimension to your surfacing project, we can craft domes for use as seating, creative play, or a one-of-a-kind design.

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AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC offers Enviro Fluff safety surfaces for playgrounds. EnviroFluff® is a combination of a polyethylene foam base, coasted with a tough layer of black thermoplastic olefin coating, allowing for the material to have a very high degree of energy absorption qualities and providing exceptional critical fall height (CFH) protection.

envirofluff safety surfacing

EnviroFluff is a state-of-the-art cushion base material perfect for playgrounds, schools, and water play zones with a poured in place safety surface applied on top.

A terrific choice for playgrounds, schools, outdoor play spaces, and splash pads, EnviroFluff is not harmful to children or the environment. This innovative safety surfacing material is 100% recyclable, chlorine resistant, and will not degrade over time.

EnviroFluff can be applied as a cushion base under Play Flecks, Water Flecks, or any of our poured in place safety surfacing options. With its resistance to environmental deterioration and superior fall height to traditional SBR rubber, EnviroFluff is an excellent choice for your safety surfacing project.

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AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC offers Play Flecks Safety Surfaces for playgrounds.

play flecks innovative safety surfacing for playgrounds

AquaSeal is pleased to be a supplier and worldwide, certified installer of Play Flecks®, a safety surfacing option for playgrounds and play spaces.

The Play Flecks® system is a unique blend of innovative technology and undeniable practicality that enables you to improve the safety and beauty of any outdoor play space.

With its outstanding U.V. and slip resistance, Play Flecks® surfacing is installed as a seamless poured-in-place safety surface. When combined with EnviroFluff® cushion base, Play Flecks can provide long term safety compliance with high energy absorbing qualities.

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Our playground installations not only provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing landscape,
they enhance the play experience with sought-after options.

offering certified installation and superior products for playgrounds

We can create playground mounds and humps that transform the terrain and provide fun spaces to climb and navigate. We can design domes that become fun obstacles, colorful seating, or inspire imaginative play. With AquaSeal, you can be assured we will create a space that engages the mind, exercises the body, and encourages healthy competition.

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