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EPDM Playground Surfacing – Versatile & Cost-Effective

The unique innovative technology and undeniable practicality of EPDM rubber granules open up a world of design possibility for playgrounds and play spaces.

AquaSeal is a supplier and worldwide, certified installer of EPDM Playground Surfacing. A poured-in-place, joint-free, porous material made from rubber granules and polyurethane binders uniquely designed to minimize injuries due to a fall. In accordance with European (EN) and US (ASTM) Standards, various thicknesses have been tested and awarded critical fall height ratings up to 10 feet (3 meters) – the maximum permitted falling height for modern play equipment. EPDM Playground Surfacing is our most cost-effective, all-weather safety surface for nearly anywhere aesthetics, comfort, and slip resistance are desired. Water drains rapidly through its coarse base layer to prevent freezing in the winter, making it a great choice for outdoor athletic tracks, walking paths, and patios. With its immense strength and durability, we can install EPDM Playground Surfacing directly on a crushed stone foundation. Compared to safety surfaces that require a separate substructure, this offers you a significant cost savings.

With additional options available such as EPDM Interactive Playground Surface and EPDM Play Surface with Recycled Materials, we have something to fit the community park, as well as the indoor sports athletic facility. Our team of designers and installers travel nationally and internationally to install safety surfacing where you live, where you rest, and where you play. Disney, Holiday Inn, Cedar Fair, and Great Wolf Lodge are a few of the companies that have chosen us for their safety surface needs.

EPDM safety surfacing for playgrounds and play spaces. Installed by AquaSeal Resurfacing.
EPDM safety surfacing for playgrounds and play spaces. Installed by AquaSeal Resurfacing.
EPDM safety surfacing for playgrounds and play spaces. Installed by AquaSeal Resurfacing.
EPDM safety surfacing for playgrounds and play spaces. Installed by AquaSeal Resurfacing.

let your imagination go wild with epdm colors and 3d elements

We can bring your playground to life with style, design, and color.

EPDM Playground Surfacing is available in 20 striking colors adding beauty and imagination to your indoor or outdoor play space. We can blend any number of these colors to create for you a custom color scheme packed with artistic details that complement your architecture or landscape. We can add fun and exciting graphics; incorporate your corporate logo, icon, or crest; or create an interactive playground with unique elements that inspire imagination.

EPDM can be installed in any shape and contoured to create 3D shapes for visual interest. To add even more dimension to your surfacing project, we can craft domes for use as seating, creative play, or a one-of-a-kind design.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly surfacing option made from recycled materials, you’ll be pleased to know the EPDM Playground Surfacing base layer is made from recycled tires. When topped with EPDM Play Surface with Recycled Materials, the end result can be a safety surface with a recycled content of between 82% and 96%. And EPDM Playground Surfacing is a durable, solid surface that cleans and maintains easily with a pressure washer equipped with a fan-shaped tip. When compared to other surfacing options, such as sand, mulch, or grass mats, EPDM wins, hands down! It won’t fill your shoes like sand does. It won’t migrate into your landscape like mulch will. And it won’t turn to mud in the rain. Let’s talk about how this safety surfacing option could work for your project!

Contact us to discuss using EPDM Surfacing for your indoor or outdoor playground or play space!

Color chart for EPDM safety surfacing.