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Ultra Coat Safety Surfacing

UltraCoat™ by Flecks® Systems is a non-porous thermoplastic coating system for interior and exterior applications. Specially formulated with high elongation and durability, UltraCoat provides slip-resistant surfacing with long-term performance.

The innovative coating of UltraCoat provides endless application possibilities over old or new surfaces. UltraCoat is an ideal safety surfacing option for boat decks, ramps, balconies, athletic locker rooms, stadiums, and pickleball courts—any environment where a non-slip flexible coating is needed. 

ultra coat surfacing
for sports courts and splash pads

UltraCoat is an excellent high-performance solution for sports courts and wet or dry play areas. From pickleball courts to stadiums and splash pads to indoor water parks, UltraCoat provides a seamless finish for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Since UltraCoat can be applied over old surfaces, we can transform faded and cracked pickleball and sports courts, giving them new life. With its excellent resistance to chlorine and surface stains, your commercial interior and exterior surface will look pristine and inviting while withstanding heavy foot traffic.

Ultra Coat sport coat installed. aquaseal-ultracoat-splash-pad aquaseal-ultracoat-splash-pad-landing-pad aquaseal-ultracoat-splash-pad-blue

high-performance surfacing

UltraCoat is available in two seamless options: UltraCoat– a single layer or UltraCoat HB– a layer applied over an added cushion base concealing surface imperfections and offering added comfort.

When applied as a single layer, UltraCoat provides a non-slip, seamless finish. This can be applied directly to new or old concrete, asphalt, wood, or fiberglass substrates.

When applied as UltraCoat HB, a cushion layer is added that conceals surface imperfections and offers a cushioned surface. UltraCoat is applied on this cushioned layer, offering the same non-slip, seamless finish.

With the superior curing and dry time of UltraCoat Safety Surfacing, facilities require low shut-down time. That means you can be operational again in just a few days.




After with UltraCoat


UltraCoat HB with cushion base layer

Custom design and colors
that offer a vibrant aesthetic

UltraCoat is UV-resistant and available in an array of colors. With a palette from vibrant to earth tones, we can create a surface that complements an existing interior or exterior design or create a new colorway or pattern that captures your aesthetic.

UltraCoat is proudly made in the USA and tested to provide superior surface performance. And since UltraCoat is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, you get an excellent surfacing product for your space.


*colors shown: Tan, Light Blue, Teal, Brick Red, Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Purple.
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