PolySoft – Innovative and UV Resistant Safety Surfacing

Aquaseal Resurfacing, Llc Offers Polysoft Innovative Safety Surfacing.

Polysoft Safety Surfacing

PolySoft is a superior surface treatment that is extremely tough yet soft and resilient underfoot.

AquaSeal is pleased to be a supplier and worldwide, certified installer of PolySoft, a polyolefin based, light stable, flexible, and seamless surfacing for aquatic areas and playground safety. for aquatic areas and playground safety. Scientifically designed to prevent cracking, resist premature fading, and withstand exposure to UV radiation and chemicals for aquatic areas and playground safety. , like chlorine, it maintains its beauty and efficacy to preserve your investment year after year. With its outstanding slip resistance and its unparalleled thermal reduction properties, PolySoft surfacing has become a premier product for our installations in theme water parks, hotel water parks, and splash pads. PolySoft leads the surfacing industry in solving the age-old problem of painfully hot barefoot travel and play during the dog days of summer with a product that is cooler than traditional concrete, asphalt, or rubber.

PolySoft is hygienic and easy to maintain. You won’t need a janitorial closest full of solutions and supplies to keep your PolySoft surfacing looking good for years to come. Regular cleanings of pressure washing with a fan-shaped tip, or you may also use a high-quality, neutral detergent, stiff broom, and water hose to get the job done.

Polysoft Safety Surfacing For Splash Pads And Aquatic Areas.
Polysoft Safety Surfacing For Splash Pads And Aquatic Areas.
Polysoft Safety Surfacing For Splash Pads And Aquatic Areas.

customizable colors and intricate designs for your water play zone

We can help you create your own custom color palette with stylish and striking designs with PolySoft.

Whether you are looking for a safety surface that is bright and playful or one that is soothing and serene, you can count on AquaSeal to deliver stunning results with PolySoft’s 18 nature-inspired colors. With the ability to combine colors and vary particle size, we can add visual impact by incorporating your company logo; Compliment your architecture with unique design elements and half spheres; Create a colorful splash pad design that inspires imaginative play.

We travel nationally and internationally to install safety surfacing where you live, where you rest, and where you play. Disney, Holiday Inn, Cedar Fair, and Great Wolf Lodge are a few of the companies that have chosen us for their safety surface needs. And we care about being environmentally conscious. Aside from safety, comfort, and beauty, the footprint a product leaves on the environment is a significant consideration when choosing a surfacing material. Using the latest and most sophisticated manufacturing techniques available, PolySoft surfacing is produced with only the highest grade raw materials and UV stable pigments. The PolySoft particle is 100% recyclable with 40% originating from natural sources.

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PolySoft Color Chart

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