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Safety Surfacing for Water Parks & Aquatic Areas

AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC offers superior safety surfacing for water parks and aquatic areas.
AquaSeal, an industry leader in craftsmanship, installation, and manufacturing

Safety Surfacing for Water Parks & Aquatic Areas

AquaSeal offers superior safety surfacing for water parks, splash zones, and aquatic play areas.

Whether you are building or restoring a water park, splash pad, or spray park, we have what aquatic engineers, landscape architects, and builders look for when building and designing premiere water play areas. We keep ourselves on the curve of the latest technology in the industry to offer you the best solutions for your safety surfacing project. We know that for your project to look its best and perform at its best, it has to withstand the best. It needs poured-in-place surfacing that can be troweled into place to cover vertical surfaces and 3D elements; is non-porous (can also be pours) to prohibit mold and fungus growth; remain stable in chlorinated environments; resists premature fading with UV light stable pigments; reduce surface temperatures to keep barefoot traveling more comfortably; is slip-resistant and grips when wet; is critical fall height rated and designed to minimize the risk of injuries; offer you the ability to customize your color scheme and add intricate designs; can be installed over an existing surface, to save you time and money.

We are top industry installers of products like Water Flecks, Life Floor, PolySoft and EPDM. We know these products will perform brilliantly for you and your customers!

AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC offers superior safety surfacing for water parks and aquatic areas. Water Flecks® comes in 14 different colors to choose from with many custom design choices available to complement your environmental design or corporate identity.

water flecks for spray & water parks

Due to its unique non-skid properties when wet, Water Flecks® is an ideal surface for water play areas.

Water Flecks® System is installed as a seamless safety rubber system alone over concrete or with its patented EnviroFluff® System as an underlayment to reduce the risk of injury.

All Flecks® Systems have been developed to withstand fading, U.V. degradation, and are chlorine resistant making it an environmentally friendly safety surfacing product.

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Design with color! Life Floor uses an extensive color palette to meet the specific design and theming needs of facilities. With the ability to make patterns, gradients, and die-cut designs, the possibilities are endless! Life Floor is also available in three natural textures. Their tiles last in extreme hot and cold conditions both indoors and outdoors. For maximum comfort, we suggest our lightest color tiles for outdoor use.

Life Floor Aquatic Safety Surfacing

Life Floor® is a foam-rubber based material that is designed for aquatic environments with predominantly barefoot traffic.

Life Floor’s industry-leading slip resistance and impact absorption create an extremely safe and comfortable surface for people to walk and play on. The modular tiles allow for custom designs to meet the aesthetics of any facility. Additionally, Life Floor’s patented RepelCell™ Technology makes the surface non-absorbent, antimicrobial, stain-proof, and chemical resistant. This specialized technology makes the tiles impervious to water, dirt, and debris allowing the tiles to be cleaned and maintained much easier than other aquatic surfacings.

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AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC offers Safety Surfacing For Water Parks & Aquatic Areas. PolySoft is our stand-out product for our landing pads and pool deck surfacing and resurfacing. Whether you are looking for a safety surface that is bright and playful or one that is soothing and serene, you can count on AquaSeal to deliver stunning results with PolySoft’s 18 nature-inspired colors. With the ability to combine colors and vary particle size, we can help you create your own custom color palette with stylish and striking designs.

polysoft innovative safety surfacing

AquaSeal is pleased to be a supplier and worldwide, certified installer of PolySoft, a polyolefin-based, light stable, flexible, and seamless surfacing for aquatic areas.

Scientifically designed to prevent cracking, resist premature fading, and withstand exposure to UV radiation and chlorine, it maintains its beauty and efficacy to preserve your investment year after year.

With its outstanding slip resistance, PolySoft surfacing has become a premier product for our installations in theme water parks, hotels with water parks, and splash pads.

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an industry leader in craftsmanship, installation, and manufacturing

we don’t just sell safety surfacing, we install it – worldwide!

When you work with AquaSeal, you work with individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled. We believe in the products we sell because we use them ourselves! Our water park and aquatic play area safety-surfacing installations span worldwide in both new construction and existing construction environments, and include indoor theme water parks; outdoor theme water parks; hotel pools and spray parks; pool decks and locker rooms and much more.

So what is it you need for your splash pad, water park, or aquatic area project? Full-scale expert installation? Landing pads? Safety-surfacing materials and installation equipment? Safety surface repair or resealing? Safety surface removal? AquaSeal has you covered. Call or contact us today.