safety surface repair, resealing & removal

Maintaining your safety surface keeps the life of your floor durable, vibrant, and performing at its best.

Give your worn, faded, or damaged safety surfacing new life with our safety surface repair and safety surface resealing services. From playgrounds to water parks and sports centers to aquatic facilities, we can brighten, renew, repair, and extend the life of your safety surfacing.

Safety surface removal services by AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC

safety surface repair & resealing

Our safety surfacing resealing and repair renews the life and vibrance of your surface. 

Although poured-in-place surfacing is resilient, damage can happen. When it does, we can help with our safety surface repair service. We can often complete a repair with little or no visible seam. If matching your existing surfacing is not possible, our team will work with you to create a design or color scheme that complements it.

Exposure to the elements can take its toll on your commercial safety surface flooring. If not properly maintained, the binder will break down leaving your safety surface looking tired and at risk for damaging erosion. Our safety surface resealing service remedies this with the application of a top coat that renews your surface, brightens colors, reinforces areas where the binder has worn away; and extends the life of your safety surface.

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Safety surface removal services by AquaSeal Resurfacing, LLC

safety surface removal

With efficiency and accuracy, our demolition crew will remove your safety surfacing without disturbing its concrete or asphalt base.

If you wish to reclaim an area that is covered with poured-in-place surfacing, our safety surface removal service will save you valuable time.

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